NC Heavy Metal Tour 2013



NC Heavy Metal Tour 2013

(Wreck Diving in Wilmington, NC)

As many of you may have heard, our last trip to Wilmington was AMAZING !!! With staggering numbers of fish, dozens of sharks, and awe-inspiring visibility (not to mention the thrill of diving, world-famous, North Carolina Wrecks !!!), The Asheville Scuba Crew gained a new appreciation for why the NC Coast is a renowned dive destination. Haven’t seen the videos from last year? Check it out:

Dates: Tuesday, August 13th & Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

Details & Itinerary:

  • Arriving in Wilmington, NC, and checking into the hotel on the evening of Monday, August 12th.

  • Diving the Hyde & Markham wrecks on Tuesday, August 13th:

The Hyde Wreck:

    • The Hyde Wreck is a 215 ft. Ocean-going Hopper Dredge. This ship was built in 1945 in Wilmington, Delaware and saw service in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Honolulu. Its primary function was to keep waterways open for U.S. Naval traffic. Because the Hyde was constructed during WWII it was one of a few dredges outfitted with guns, armor, and a gun crew. Today the Hyde sits upright in 85ft of water, 18 miles from Masonboro inlet. It was sunk by the NC Division of Marine Fisheries in 1988.
    • The Hyde is one of the most popular wrecks in our area. It sits intact and upright on the bottom with alot to see. Because it is upright, this wreck is very easy to navigate, as if you were walking her decks. The deck is around 65-70 ft. which makes this a good dive for novice divers wanting a little more experience. During the summer months this wreck gets overrun with sand tiger sharks, making for incredible dives. Nurse sharks, sandbar sharks, turtles, and barracuda are not uncommon either.

 The Markham Wreck:

    • The Markham is 340 ft.  Ocean-going Hopper Dredge. This ship spent most of its time working in the Great Lakes. It was the Cadillac of Hopper Dredges back in the 1960′s with many new innovations which included bow thrusters and an advanced pump-out system. Now the Markham sits 18 miles out of Masonboro Inlet in 85 ft of water. It was sunk by the NC Division of Marine Fisheries in 1994. When the charges were blown to sink it, the ship listed and now rests on its port side.
    • The Markham is a popular dive, resting a few hundred yards away from the Hyde wreck making for a good combination of dives. Like the Hyde, during the summer months sand tiger sharks make this wreck their home. One of the highlights of this wreck is the massive prop on its stern.


  • Checking out of the hotel and Diving the Dredge Wreck and Stone Tug Wreck on Wednesday, August 14th:

The Dredge Wreck:
  • The Dredge Wreck is about 14 miles from Masonboro Inlet in 65 ft of water. It is in close proximity to the Stone tug and the Pocahontas. The name of the Dredge Wreck is the Playa an 800-ton dredge. It sunk in February 1931 while being towed to Morehead City. A month after the sinking of the Playa, the Coast Guard dynamited the wreck so it wouldn’t be a hazard to navigation.
  • This is a cool little dive. The entire wreck can easily be explored on a single dive. The most noticeable part of the wreck is the thousands of bricks lying all over the site. As you swim beyond the bricks you run into the engine and then into a long boom that stretches out over the sand. Wreckage is scattered around the perimeter and wood timbers can still be seen rising from the sand. Lots of life congregates around the wreck due to all the places to hide between the scattered bricks and rusted out engine. During the summer white grunts cover the entire wreck in what I think is a spawning aggregation.
The Stone Tug Wreck:
  • The Stone is a small tug lying upright in 65ft of water 14 miles out of Masonboro Inlet and is about 10 miles of Carolina Beach. The Stone was sunk as an artificial reef in 1985. It is located within a few hundred yards of the Old Dredge wreck and the Pocahontas. It is a small (85ft long) but fun wreck to dive.
  • The sea has taken it’s toll on the Stone. It was intact with many swim throughs but storms ripped off the bridge in 2003. The bridge now sits upside down off to the ships starboard side. Sand Tigers make this wreck there home during the summer months along with the typical inshore fish.


  • 2 nights of accomadations, (DOUBLE OCCUPANCY ROOM), at the Comfort Inn in Wilmington, NC (Price includes hotel lodging rates, taxes, & fees)

  • Hot, Continental Breakfast

  • 2 Dive Boat Charters with Aquatic Safaris

Cost: $240 per Person.


All places must be paid in full to be reserved, by:

Saturday, August 3rd, 2013. 

If you want to JOIN US ON “NC HEAVY METAL TOUR 2013,”  please come by the shop. Please call us with any questions, at: (828) 575-2386.

~The Asheville Scuba Crew

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